Write a sentence with a compound verb

Model how to combine two sentences using a comma and a coordinating conjunction. However, instead of using two sentences as abovewe may choose to give the above information in one sentence. I have to write a report on Albert Einstein.

For example, the following sentences are compound sentences: So, you can see that all of the clauses above are working sentences.

Review and closing 5 minutes Do the "high-five hustle" to review the lesson: In other words, compound-complex sentences are combinations of one or more compound sentences and one or more complex sentences. When one subject does more than one thing: In this part of the activity, the students analyze the sentences to determine if they are compound sentences or not.

It is necessary to clarify that "for," "and," "nor," "but," "or," "yet," and "so" are not always joining two sentences. Using hyphens in compound adjectives: After she left work, the woman stopped at the store before she went home.

This sentence makes use of a compound subject two subject nouns joined together by or. Some compound-complex sentences are rambling, wordy sentences which should be cut into parts both for clarity and sophistication.

Printable Download For a printable reference study sheet of the sentence types in English, please download the supplement to this article English Sentence Structure: If you read the sentence aloud and run out of breath before reaching the end of it, you have written a rambling sentence.

Independent Clause An independent clause has a subject and a predicate and makes sense on its own as a complete sentence. Adverb Clause Verb Clause Because of the rain, the museum cancelled the picnic. The actress is well known.

I am planning to drop Agricultural Economics. She got angry and shouted at the teacher. The little girl was carrying a basket on her head. Simple sentences consist of one verb clause.

Explain that each of these sentences gives similar information, but they are structured differently. Why not say this in one sentence. Thus far we have been working with compound subjects whose individual parts are both either singular or plural What if one part of the compound subject is singular and the other part is plural.

Compound sentences are important because they allow us to shorten the things we say or write. The boy ran to the park, and he ate a hotdog there.

How To Write a Proper Sentence

Tell students that they should underline a simple sentence in red, a compound sentence in yellow, and a complex sentence in blue.

My neighbor Jim is an internationally-recognized author. Turning some of those sentences around—starting with the subordinate conjunction—adds sentence variety without much effort. Men may come and men may go, but I go on forever. Along the river, rapidly-increasing floodwaters caused evacuations.

Label the first section on the chart "simple sentence" and provide another example like, "Dogs and cats make great pets. Students who have a majority of simple sentences might be writing and thinking too simply if the sentences are mostly short and uncomplicated.

After breakfast, Shelly works in her garden. The group was full of rowdy year-old schoolboys. Each part of the compound subject ranger, camper is singular. An imperative sentence often has as its subject an unstated "you" giving to beginners in English grammar the appearance of lacking a subject altogether.

Ask students to stand up, raise their hands and high five a peer. sentence or a compound sentence because it makes Remember that a compound-complex sentence contains write 4 compound - complex sentences of your own.

Remember to join the two independent clauses with a conjunctionand to include a dependent clause in your sentence.

Grammar handout The Complete Sentence (English 98 version) have seen, and is stylehairmakeupms.com examples of being verb phrases are shown in bold type in B. The simple predicate is the most important verb or verb phrase in a complete sentence. This sentence makes use of a compound subject (two subject nouns joined by and), illustrating a new rule about subject-verb agreement.

Although each part of the compound subject is singular (ranger and camper), taken together (joined by and), each one becomes a part of a plural structure and, therefore, must take a plural verb (see) to.

Sentence Patterns What this handout is about Verbs, and Clauses In its simplest form, an English sentence has two parts: a subject and a verb that express a complete thought when they are together. The subject shows who or what is doing the action.

It is always some form of noun or Compound verb (two verbs related. (of a sentence) formed by coordination of two or more sentences (of a verb or the tense, mood, etc, of a verb) formed by using an auxiliary verb in addition to the main verb the future in English is a compound tense involving the use of such auxiliary verbs as `` shall '' and `` will ''.

Mar 16,  · 1)Write a simple sentence with a compound subject. 2. Write a simple sentence with a compound verb. 3.

Syntax - English sentence structure

Write a compound sentence with two independent clauses joined by a Status: Resolved.

Write a sentence with a compound verb
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